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Jan 15, 2019

Struggling to sell?

Struggling to sell

Category: General
Posted by: lannister


Are you on the market and not getting any viewings?

Are you getting viewings, but none are offering?

Have communications become strained?

Don’t be disheartened, there is lots you can do to regenerate the interest in your house and get a sale agreed. Here are just a few tips to help you.


Getting More Viewings:

  • Do you know who your target buyer is? Are you advertising the house to them? For example, if you are living in a two-bed and moving because the house is too small are you targeting your first-time buyers? They will be put off if they see clutter everywhere because they will think the house is too small for them.
  • Check the photos that are appearing online of your property? Are the photos a fair representation of your house? Are any distracting features removed? For example, did the agent turn the TV off when they took the photo? Was the bin emptied and the cups removed from the draining board? All of these things may put a prospective buyer off from arranging a viewing.
  • Is the description targeting your ideal buyer? There is no point gushing about how the property is in a wonderful catchment area of a local primary school if your buyer is going to be an elderly couple. Look at the points your buyer will want to know and focus on them.
  • Is the description misleading? There are certain words that estate agents aren’t allowed to use, because the meaning of these words are subjective. What is ‘large’ to you may not be the same for your buyer. Can you really call a kitchen ‘modern’ if it hasn’t been renovated in 10 years? Again, any discrepancy between the words and the photos will put off people from arranging a viewing.
  • Check the price against your local area. Look at all the similar properties for sale within half a mile radius. How does your price compare to theirs? Has everyone else reduced their price making yours look expensive? Are the other houses better presented online than yours? Do you need a reduce your selling price? If you do reduce the price, make sure that you reduce it by at least 5%. Any less than this and the reduction will go unnoticed. At a 5% reduction you will appear on the new properties list as a reduction, and it will be emailed out again, bringing it back to people’s attention.


Turning viewings in to offers

  • Have a look around your house as if you were a potential buyer. Are there any issues you see that could be putting people off? For example, kitchen doors not hung correctly may send out alarm bells to a potential buyer.
  • Has your agent given you any feedback from previous viewings? Is there any recurring themes that may be putting people off? This issue, can you rectify it?


Here at Lannister Homes we want to help you sell your house. We can offer you our Health Check Service, even when you are stuck in a contract with another agent. Our health check provides you with a written report aimed at helping you get an offer on your property. The report includes:

  • A review of your internet market campaign and the results in a plain and easy way for you to understand and interpret
  • A plan to increase your online interest
  • A visit to your property to confirm the pricing structure and marketing structure
  • A full bespoke report on who your target buyer is and how you can market your property to them
  • Access to further products and services that may help you increase the price you get and improve the timescales you achieve a sale in


Our health check service does not impact on your sole selling rights contract with your existing agent, and there is no obligation to instruct us as your agent. The service starts from £30+VAT and will be deducted from your bill if we are able to get you out of your existing contract and we help you sell your house.


After all, here at Lannister Homes we want you to see moving home as a positive experience as you start a new chapter in your lives, whatever the circumstances that have led you to this point. We are here to make the most stressful of times your best of times.

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