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Jan 16, 2019

The most important room in your house

Most important room

Category: General
Posted by: lannister


People's basic needs are often the same but when it comes to finding a property these needs take on different priorities.


Some love their bed and put a lot of focus on getting the perfect bedroom or will do anything for a quality bathroom. Others love cooking and eating, so the kitchen becomes the heart of the home. Some people just want a cosy living room to relax in.


Whatever your particular priorities, it is important when selling to have these priorities in mind. Remember that your potential buyer will have their own focus, so you need to make the most of every room and emphasize the best parts of each.


More importantly to remember, is that when you sell your house you need to make it attractive to your buyer. Your priorities become unimportant when selling, because you are not your target buyer! A good agent will be able to tell you exactly who is likely to buy your house and how to attract them.


Be prepared to do some work on your house before you put it on the market. Most agents will tell you that the market is great, and you need to put it up for sale yesterday! While this is true, the market is a good time for sellers, do not be persuaded to put your house on the market immediately. Nearly everyone can increase a property’s value and/ or attractiveness by simply doing a few menial tasks before marketing. After all, you want to sell for more money in a shorter timescale, don’t you?


By doing those little DIY jobs you have been meaning to do or freshening it up with a coat of paint you will make it a lot more desirable and you will find it easier to sell. Make sure you speak to an expert first though, they may be able to spot things that you haven’t or advise you that some things may not be worth doing. You can find handy advice and tips on our website, or previous blogs. Alternatively, we would be happy to speak with you about it if you need a more individualised approach.

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