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Jan 10, 2019

Get some colour in your life.

Painting tips


Category: General
Posted by: lannister


Here are 5 great tips to help you achieve perfect painting.


Tip 1: Clean dirty surfaces so the paint can form a strong bond

Grease and grime builds up on walls and can affect the application of new paint. Make sure to clean this off before painting. A bottle of concentrated sugar soap will set you back a couple of pounds and will cover most of a house.


Tip 2: Use cotton drop cloths rather than plastic

Cotton sheets are non-slip, absorb any stray paint and don't blow around when the windows are open. If you get the ones with the plastic backing they will stop large spills and be usable for years of home decorating.


Tip 3: Paint the trim first, then the ceiling and walls

Paint any gloss and satin areas such as skirting boards before the walls and ceiling. This has two advantages: emulsion wipes off gloss but not the other way around. And the awkward angles you have to get into are made easier when you don’t have to worry about getting some on the walls.


Tip 4: Mix several cans of paint in a large bucket for a consistent colour throughout the room

Paint mixing isn’t an exact science and no two pots of a colour will be the same. Mixing them all up in a larger tub means you won’t be changing pots half way around a room and leaving an obvious change.


Tip 5: Once dry, cut tape loose for a perfect edge.

Using masking tape is a great way to get a neat edge but don’t make the mistake of just pulling it straight off. If you pull it whist wet, your paint may still run. If you wait until it is dry and pull it you can pull paint off with it. Use a sharp blade and gently draw it along the edge of the tape as you pull to cut it away from the wall without damaging the paint.

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