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Jan 11, 2019

Maximise your rental income


Category: General
Posted by: lannister

Have you got rentals that are barely scraping by on the rent income?


Do you have a long list of maintenance issues that suck up all the profit you make?


Do you just want to get the best return possible in a climate where the margins are getting ever tighter?


Ever changing legislation and tighter controls on rental properties are making it more and more difficult for landlords to make a profit from their investments. But it doesn’t need to be that way. We can help you achieve a better return from your investments.


With the Government’s scrutiny and victimisation of landlords, we see more and more selling their portfolios. And this can be your gain!! Needs for rental properties is higher than ever, and the loss of these rental properties will continue to make yours more valuable.


Our handy Guide to Letting can be found at and is a great start to preparing you to make more money from your properties. Use it as a handy checklist to ensure you have covered the basics. It could possibly seem like we are teaching you to suck eggs, however from experience we have found that you can become complacent in your actions and miss out on one or two of the most obvious things, which could be severely affecting your ability to increase your revenue!


With more than 15 years of managing rental across the East Midlands, we pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of the investment game. Our aim is to help landlords maximise your profits and minimise your expenses, while offering tenants high quality accommodation. We can do this by conducting a portfolio health check which leaves you with a written report that you can action a plan to help you.


Our portfolio health checks will identify several key areas:

·         Looking at your local market to identify your ideal tenants for maximum rental income

·         Support and recommendations to target your ideal tenants

·         Identify and streamline your maintenance issues to minimise future costs

·         Inform and prepare you to ensure you and your property are legally complaint with current and upcoming laws and legislations

·         Create a personalised plan for you to implement to increase your revenue

·         All of this has obligation to use us as your agent and starts from as little as £75+VAT


For more help, support and guidance then contact us today. Alternatively, you can listen to our podcast ‘The Property Knight’ which aims to offer investors and landlords help, support and guidance throughout the East Midlands.

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